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About Us

What Makes Us Unique


Family Owned

MSA is a small, family owned, boutique-like Spanish immersion nursery/preschool located in the South Town/King William area.  We love that our teachers and staff form strong bonds with all students and parents making everyone feel like family. 


We offer small class sizes and low student-teacher ratios, so students benefit from a lot of one-one time with their teacher.  Learning a new language goes beyond memorizing words and basic grammar. We believe that music and dance are essential for children to learn about language, traditions and culture.  Our students love to participate in events such as 16 de septiembre, Calaverita Festival and Posadas Navideñas just to name a few.  Students wear traditional Mexican costumes, get their faces painted, perform dances for their parents and family members and even indulge in delicious Mexican specialties during these events.  Learning a new language is fun! 



Mustard Seed Academy (MSA), truly founded from a little girl’s passion for education, instilled in her DNA, came into fruition in 2013. MSA went from concept to a dream-fulfilled within 2 years. However, the journey started to take shape years before. The little girl and MSA founder, Cristina Medrano, harnessed her passion, experience, and training in education, to create a service with pre-school children in mind. The service, however, was targeted with a special twist---Spanish Immersion.

In 1992, at the age of ten, Cristina held her first class. Contracted by family members at a barbecue outing to help with the care of their children, she, not only accepted the proposal to care for her little cousins and sibling, she also created an impromptu curriculum to keep them busy---her career path had been defined. That night, it became obvious that class management, an integral element in making effective learning possible, came natural to her.


For the following years, MSA’s incubation was taking place until its inception in July 2013. Cristina’s professional experience began in 2003 at Bonham Academy in San Antonio. There, she came into the realization of the need to prepare children from a tender age with the tools to succeed in a dual language setting---many children were failing. Thus, the vision that was the impetus that gave birth to a “Spanish Immersion Experience”, that was to be Mustard Seed Academy, was complete.


Today, MSA continues to improve its curriculum to help our children succeed. It is our intention to make Mustard Seed Academy a permanent service in Spanish Immersion excellence to our most valuable asset---our children.

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